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Utilization of the Dashboard reduced the production time of the monthly presentations by more than half!


 - Amanda Moore, Lead Planner, FAA AFN-220, Organizational Performance

The NARP/Annual Review is a big job and I’m not sure that others really understand the magnitude of the job that you all perform daily to get this document completed. You all make us look good!


 - Pam Crenshaw, FAA

JMA Solutions' gift to FVM is a big help in supporting our year-long volunteer program. This year, we have 11 young adults living and serving with us. They are part of the extended Franciscan communities of Camden, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Silver Spring, MD. Their ministries are with those who are homeless, who are hungry, who are immigrants, who are students and families in the inner cities where our Franciscan Volunteers live. We are most grateful to you all.

- Katie B. Sullivan, Executive Director, Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the recent pay increase. I feel very fortunate to be a part of JMA family. I have said this a few times before and it remains true: it's the greatest feeling to be a part of what this company is doing. And above all, I appreciate the great leadership within this company.  You are most compassionate toward your employees.

Thank you.

- Joe Kunzmann, JMA employee

JMA continues to inspire me, not only because of the way you support and develop your employees but because you always go the extra mile.  In addition to contributing a truly impressive amount of your revenue to charity, the personal commitment shown in adopting two single-parent families in need for the holiday season and providing them with gifts meeting their very specific needs just goes beyond what most companies do. This level of compassion is inspirational to JMA employees and independent consultants such as myself. Our society needs more JMAs. 

Thank you and best wishes always,

- Dorothy Firsching, JMA contractor since 2010

I want to give [JMA] a heartfelt thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Not only the raise; which was wonderful, but the way that you treat us. In today’s business world it is a rare occurrence that a company puts the employee and families first. At least that’s how it feels to me. Without your donations to my daughter's volleyball teams, she would probably still be selling popcorn door to door. I appreciate the way that I have been treated and hope that I am living up to your expectations. Working for the JMA family has been one of the best experiences of my career.  Again, thank you.


 - Rob Thompson Senior Engineer I NAS Defense Programs AJW-B720

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