Washington, DC - July 10, 2021 – On Saturday, July 10th, JMA Solutions' Senior Vice President of Global Affairs and Aviation Solutions, Anthony "Tony" Tisdall, was featured on author and television personality Dr. Gloria Crosslin's "Life Stories" series, hosted on Fox 5 Plus. During the segment, Mr. Tisdall virtually sat down with Dr. Crosslin to share the story of JMA's founding and growing legacy. Mr. Tisdall also detailed the company's award-winning consulting services and its ongoing commitment to community service.

"Dr. Crosslin's Life Story series provides the opportunity for local leaders to inspire and uplift the greater community," said Senior Vice President of Aviation and Global Solutions, Anthony Tisdall. "It was truly an honor to represent JMA Solutions and share the inspirational story of how our President and CEO, Jan Adams, built the company and created an exceptional culture of excellent customer service, volunteerism, and service."

From the company's humble beginnings as a sole proprietorship to now serving as one of the lead aviation and technology firms in the nation's capital, JMA Solutions has made its mark on the industry. Click the video to view the full segment. Watch the video below:

About JMA Solutions:
Founded on the mission of service, JMA Solutions is an award-winning Service-Disabled and Certified Woman-Owned aviation and technology-based consulting firm with more than 15 years of experience delivering outstanding customer service to its government clients. JMA specializes in the areas of Engineering, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Air Traffic Management, and other technical services. Each year, JMA donates 3-5% of its net profit to charities that its employees support. In 2020 alone, JMA contributed to over 30 charitable organizations. Learn more about JMA Solutions at www.jma-solutions.com.

About Dr. Gloria Crosslin:
Life Stories with Dr. Gloria Crosslin is a culmination of compelling storytelling and provides excellent cinematography for the television viewing audience. With a stellar cast of guests and an experienced and professional television crew, the television segment continuously engages users from the nation. Visit lifestorieswithdrgloria.com to learn more.